Week 3 Plans

>> Monday, August 17, 2009

We took a break last week from structured activities. The nesting bug hit BIG time and I spent the week cleaning, washing clothes, and finishing the baby's room.

Below is what I had planned for last week; we'll be completing these activities this week. Although, I do already know of a slight change in the schedule --- our library's toddler "Story Time" starts this Tuesday morning. I'll be pushing around the activities slated for that morning to accommodate that.

Since the new baby could come any day, we're working on the letter "B" for our next two week cycle. Ellie received a new book last week, Biscuit and the Baby. We'll be reading it and Brown Bear, Brown Bear over the next two weeks as we explore the Letter B.

(click picture for full size viewing)

Planning for Week 2

>> Monday, August 3, 2009

Our first week went well, except for the fact the Little Lady and I were sick toward the end. Not feeling well and being crabby (and, yes, I'm talking about BOTH of us here) didn't leave much energy for the final few planned activities.

Because of this, and because we will have guests staying with us this week, I decided to continue the themes from Week One into Week Two. While I don't expect the Little Lady to completely master each theme at the end of her school week, I do want her to have a good grasp of them. Last week introduced several different concepts and I feel that one more week would go a long way toward her really understanding these new ideas.

(In fact, I may take two weeks from here on out to ensure her grasp of the concepts to be covered.)

So, this week, we will still be talking about Squares and the Letter E. I am also introducing the color Blue and the concept of counting to 3. Last week, in following the Brightly Beaming curriculum, she was supposed to learn "1." Honestly, this was a bit redundant for her and I should have anticipated that. She can count out things by "1" and "2;" the next step needs to be "3."

To help with the Letter E, we'll be talking a lot about Elephants. Using an animal whose name begins with our "Letter of the Week," makes so much more sense to me that just assigning a random animal (like last week's cow).

Here's our plan for Week Two (click to enlarge):

It's not as jam-packed as last week's plan was --- with the Little Lady's two aunties visiting, I needed to make sure there was plenty of time for her to "play" with them!

One Week Down

>> Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tot School

(The Little Lady is 25 Months)

To my surprise, the Little Lady's first week of school went very, very well! As I mentioned last weekend, I decided to try the first week of Brightly Beaming's toddler curriculum. I may use their activities from time to time, but (for reasons I'll discuss later) I am not planning on relying solely on their lesson plans from here on.

Our week of activities ended up being cut a bit short, thanks in part to the Little Lady's two-year molars making an appearance. She was soooo miserable Thursday and Friday.

Here are a few pictures from the week. Sadly, I kept forgetting to take pictures of our activities, so I don't have good photo documentation of everything we did this week. I'll do better next week!

Day One (learning about cows and the preposition "On")--




Day Two (learning about squares)--




Day Three (learning about the Letter E)--




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