Lesson Planning for Weeks 5 and 6

>> Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In the past few weeks, I've realized two things:
1) There are a lot of things that interrupted our scheduled "class" activities.
2) I keep pushing activities into the following week.

With a new baby, errands, impromptu play dates and visits, our preschool schedule needs to be more fluid.  In order to accommodate this, I've decided to let my normal one-week plan morph into a two-week plan (which, it really has been all along thanks to all of the interruptions.).

Sooooooooo . . . for the next two weeks, the final weeks of October, we will be learning about the Letter P, the Number 4, and PUMPKINS!!!!

I found a ton of great resources for all that the Little Lady will be doing.  I want to give credit where it is due, so here is my list of resources.

Jitterbug.tv (Sesame Street Video "1,2,3,4")
Hubbard's Cubbard (from "October for 2's")

Art Projects
Hubbard's Cubbard (from "October for 2's")

Math Activities
Hubbard's Cubbard (from "October for 2's")

Letter Recognition Activities
Hubbard's Cubbard (from "3's Curriculum")

Self-Portrait Template
First School Templates - girl