The Quest for Seasonal Activities

>> Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Now that a "cold front" (and, I use the term loosely) has hit Houston, I'm in the mood for the Little Lady to experience fall.  Since it will be months before it looks like fall around here, thanks to our humid, semi-tropical climate, her foray into autumn will be through books, projects, and various activities.

We started this past weekend with a trip to a very fun-filled Pumpkin Patch.  The Little Lady LOVES pumpkins, and enjoyed learning about apple picking, baby chicks, and goats.

I'm on the hunt for more ideas as to how to bring Fall into the Little Lady's world.  I came across this post today, which gives a cute activity display option in addition to a link to her fall activities.

If you have any great ideas or books (ESPECIALLY BOOKS), please share them with me!  Feel free to share the link back to your blog; I'll make sure to give you credit when I use your idea.   :)


Adriana October 14, 2009 at 7:44 PM  

I know what you mean about the "cold" front. We are in Dallas and it has been chilly and rainy forever! :) We have done a few fun fall activities under the label Otoño (Fall).